When it comes to perfect combos, cannabis and pizza rival peanut butter and jelly.

Of course, you can always enjoy them all at once, but that decision is on you, buddy. We ain’t complete hedonists, but we are gluttons— especially when the weekend hits.

If you are too, celebrate the preferred pair of college kids everywhere and head over to the Toledo Hemp Center for the first Hemp Pizza Party today (July 14).

The Toledo Hemp Center has partnered with Pizza Cat to offer a free evening celebrating the culinary power of cannabis.

Excited? Hold your horses. Repulsed? Stop clutching those pearls.

Like all products at the Toledo Hemp Center, the hemp-based pizza is completely free of THC, which means you won’t get high. (Apologies applicable to all readers wanting one).

Unlike cannabis buds, hemp seeds offer a complete source of protein, amino acids, and essential fats— without any high.

“Hemp can be found in every major grocery chain around the Toledo area, from hemp flour to hemp milk, it is widely recognized for its nutritional benefits,” explained Toledo Hemp Center owner Kevin Spitler.

Want to give it a try? The pizza party starts at 4pm (you can always be about  20 minutes late) and ends at 6pm.