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Bhang Wet and Wild hemp oil personal lube


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Flavor: Berry Mist Get Wet is a Natural Lube that is Vegan and free from Parabens,
Carbomer & Propylene Glycol, which do not belong in your body. Since Get Wet is water-based, it’s safe to use with condoms and erotic toys.

5 in stock

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*For a Limited Time Only When it’s time for intimacy, Get Wet! This natural lube contains moisturizing
hemp and is perfect for your most delicate skin. It’s long-lasting and feels
just like a woman’s natural wetness to keep a soldier saluting! Whether you’re
having fun alone or with a partner, Get Wet gives you an
enhanced erotic experience. It’s Mother Nature’s motion potion
anywhere you need it! Get Wet Lubes smell and taste great without any
sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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