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Easy Butter Making Machines 1 & 2 Stick


Easy Magic Butter Maker by EASY BUTTER

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  • MAKE COMPOUND BUTTER IN JUST 10 MINS – Easy Butter Co makes the creation of compound butters and infused oils easy and fast. Designed for the amateur cook but used by chefs worldwide. All you do is cook and pour, this self contained straining unit makes this super easy to get clarified compound butters and infused oils.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION means that your easy butter company butter maker is made to chef quality standards and will last you for years to come.
  • SMALL & PORTABLE- The Easy Butter Maker is small and portable, about the size of your standard tea kettle, making cleaning and storing a breeze.
  • “MEDICINAL” or COMPOUND BUTTERS AND INFUSED OILS can be made quick and easy by cooks of any level to create “magical” cookies, muffins, sauces or gravies


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