by David Kuznicki

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

With a proper return address, children will receive letters from Santa. (WNWO)

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) — Thanks to one local business, children can now write letters directly to “Santa.”

The Toledo Hemp Center has placed several mailboxes in businesses throughout Toledo and Perrysburg.

Because of the effort from the the University of Toledo’s business co-ed fraternity, Gamma Eta chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, “Santa” will return letters to those that have return addresses.

“I never received a letter from Sandra because I never wrote one. So, I thought it just would bring a lot of smiles to kids’ faces and I think every kid just loves getting mail,” said Letters to Santa Organizer, Payton DeMoe.

The mailboxes will be placed inside Toledo Pharmacy on Main Street, Dually’s Gastropub and Deet’s BBQ in Perrysburg from November 13-27. They will be inside Toledo Family Pharmacy on Sylvania Avenue, Pizza Cat and Deet’s BBQ in Toledo from November 27-December 15.

For the entirety of November 13-December15, they will be located in Ye Olde Durty Bird, Toledo Hemp Center and Dandino’s Pizza & More.

The Toledo Hemp Center provided the mailboxes, stamps and other supplies for each location.

Here’s where you can find the letter drop-off boxes:

November 13-27

Toledo Family Pharmacy – West (324 Main Street)

Ye Olde Durty Bird

Dually’s Gastropub

Deet’s BBQ (Perrysburg)

Toledo Hemp Center

Dandino’s Pizza & More

November 27-December 15

Toledo Family Pharmacy – East (1601 W Sylvania Ave)

Ye Olde Durty Bird

Pizza Cat

Deet’s BBQ (Toledo)

Toledo Hemp Center

Dandino’s Pizza & More